AZURE Business  Development, LLC

Azure Business Development, LLC. can create and execute a sales and business development strategy to focus and target the specific audience. Some clients request that we provide the standard while others ask that we specialize our services. From developing your personalized public relations campaign to coordinating media placements and brand visibility for your product or service.  From securing features and appearances at key events to finding new forms of media. We are flexible and can create the right business and sales developmental plan for you based on your budget, audience and vision.

Our Services Include:
Media Planning & Buying
Media Placement
Public Relations
Radio & Television
Outdoor Advertising
Print Advertising
Online Advertising
Event Marketing & Planning
Sales & Trade Show Support
Brand Marketing
Creative Brainstorming

Having a poor response is not the medium's fault.  Often the problem is the message. it is not a quick fix solution to marketing your company. It takes planning, testing and constant exposure to have an impact on your small business. 

Use One Message-
A high response rate ad usually conveys a single message in 5 words or less.  Your small business advertising needs to quickly communicate its core message in 3 seconds or less.

Add Credibility-
Creativity must be real and credible

Test Everything-
Testing can be as simple as asking every customer over time how they heard of your business.

Be Easy to Contact-
All contact information should be posted on all presentation material. 

Match Ads to Target-
Successful business speaks to one target market only.  Focus the message to the target group.

Create Curiosity-
Generate interest and make the customer want more information.

The most successful development plan is that which most effectively communicates with your customers. So, it is essential to recognize and understand which techniques and mediums are available to you.  That way, you can make an intelligent choice as to what is most appropriate for your business needs.

Marketing is the basic discipline behind all sales, advertising and promotional activity.  For any business, large or small, marketing can be divided into what is known as the 'Four Ps':

Product-  Name, function, performance, packaging, etc.
Price-  Overheads, competitive influences, profit margin, etc.
Placement-  Direct sales, wholesale distribution, franchising, retail, etc.
Promotion-  Sales activity, discounts, press and public relations, advertising, etc.

At Azure Business Development, however, we're so much into watching our P's and Q's, that we've added an extra 'P' and a 'Q' to the mix. 

People-  The fate of any business often rests with its ability to provide friendly, personal service.  Business goals and objectives need to be in sync with the needs of customers.

Quality-  The Quality Control process is employed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service.  Quality control can cover not just products, services and processes, but also people.  Employees are an important part of any company and at Azure Business Development, we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Quality control and personal service begin before any sale is made, with good presentation, courtesy, efficiency and helpfulness.  Our clients know how to take into account the treatment they receive before they buy.  It's about building trust. in the way we do business and in the services we provide.