AZURE Business  Development, LLC

About Us
Azure Business Development is an innovative, intelligent boutique sales and business development company.  Our strategy is to use marketing, advertising and public relations to build and nurture emerging and consistent brands.  Services include, concept development, strategic and integrated marketing, sales and business development, utilizing public relations, event promotion, branding and visual communication.

Helen Henric, who earned her accreditation in International Studies and International Marketing from Iowa State University, oversees Azure Business Development in South Florida office with 35 years in the industry of sales and business development. 

Born in London, England, where she was formally educated, Helen immigrated to the United States to the heart of the Midwest to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She attributes her success to values, standards and integrity that identified the moral character of her family and home life.

As a female business owner, Helen approaches customer relationships with a unique approach and style, allowing her a competitive advantage over her peers.  Over the years, she has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of running a successful enterprise.

From her personal warmth to her desire to achieve and accomplish goals, Her success is always measured through client testimonial.

Helen invites you to learn more about Azure Business Development by contacting her directly at (305) 244-3482, or emailing her at:

For more information, you can also send us a request on our Contact Us page.